Rural Hotel ****

We want to develop an area for elderly turism recovering buildings as nowadays there is a lack of buildings and leisure services needed for the elderly. 

This Project provides an answer to this need connecting the local development and the use of agriculture areas that already existed (amplifying them) for leisure and farming (especially biologic agriculture) mainly for the people using this space, and not only 

We want to provide a high quality turistic area, in order to promote turistic activity, especially senior turism, creating at the same time the local development.

We wish to give poeple the opportunity to connect agriulture activity to leisure in order to amuse them. There is a nice farming and gardening area, great climate conditions and a beautiful view, and of course modern buildings and good services for the users. 

As the building that we want to recover is in the countriside, we want to promote the consumption and the use of local products, and also their production in the project area, using mainly the biologic agriculture.

The project was considered a great investiment by the Town Hall

Details of the ****Rural Hotel

After works, the building will have 4035,00m² of construction area, including access, garden and farming area.

 As it is a rural and unique building, we wish to maintain its characterisctics with high quality, using excellent materials and designs to answer to our expectations.

The project field has public street and the structures needed.

33 double rooms for 66 people with 15 double rooms, 18 suites, restaurants, lounge room and Spa.

The building will have basement and 3 floors. In the basement there will be the parking area, storage and services. On the first floor there will be the social area as rooms, restaurants, bar, Spa and others like administration. On the upper floors there will be the bedrooms, suites and support rooms on each side. There are stairs to access these two floors.

To access there are stairs and elevators accessable for wheel chairs.

There are also staff stairs and elevators.

On the first floor some suites have private balconies and on the upper floor some have private gardened terraces.

This building is designed to have al characteristics of a ****Rural Hotel.

The project has 33 bedrooms (15 single and 18 suites) with 66 single beds, a restaurant for 76 people, a lounge room, a bar for 50 people, a meeting room (it´s possible to divide it in 3) for 90 people, a Spa with a small pool, jaccuzi and sauna and a hairdresser. In the basement, there are parks for 30 vehicles, 3 of them for handicap and service parking. 

Outside there will be a 4035m² of garden, a pool with 12x7m and a machine room.

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