Residential Home for the Elderly

Residential home for the Elderly

We want to develop an area for elderly turism recovering buildings as nowadays there is a lack of buildings and leisure services needed for the elderly. 

This Project provides an answer to this need connecting the local development and the use of agriculture areas that already existed (amplifying them) for leisure and farming (especially biologic agriculture) mainly for the people using this space, and not only

We want to provide a high quality area, in order to promote the local development.

We wish to give poeple the opportunity to connect agriulture activity to leisure in order to amuse them. There is a nice farming and gardening area, great climate conditions and a beautiful view, and of course modern buildings and good services for the users.

As the building that we want to recover is in the countriside, we want to promote the consumption and the use of local products, and also their production in the project area, using mainly the biologic agriculture.

In this area there is an Elderly Home and a Rural hotel with similar characteristics.

As it is a rural and unique building, we wish to maintain its characterisctics with high quality, using excellent materials and designs to answer to our expectations.

The building is in a big field near the village. It has access by the main street of the village till the gate entrance.

Access will be either pedestrian or by road. It will be possible to pass with emergency vehicles.

The land surrounding the building will have service access and specific parking for ambulances.

There will also be a vast landscaped space, in which the pedestrian path is inserted, separated from the road with guest areas. 

In the immediate surroundings, there are no industrial or unhealthy infrastructures that are considered uncomfortable or harmful to public health.

Since it is a complete rehabilitation and adaptation of an existing building, it will be completely remodeled, concluding the execution of a reinforcement structure, new exterior walls and a new roof, insulated and waterproofed and all the infrastructures are planned. Ventilation and heating, elevator, electrical, telecommunications, water supply and sanitation, as well as the introduction of solar panels for water heating is foreseen.

The proposed program consists on accommodation for a maximum of 28 users, corresponding to 9 double rooms, with wc facilities for every four users and one with wc facilities for two users, 4 single rooms with private wc facilities and 3 double rooms also with a private wc, complemented with the other support areas, the home support service response is also expected to maximize the possibilities of using the service area.

The residential structure will consist of the following functional areas; reception; administrative, technical and management services; lounge area and activities; meals; areas for staff; accommodation; kitchen and laundry; nursing and support services.

The building will be developed on two floors and will have access to the roof for maintaining the hot water production equipment and the elevator.

Ground Floor of the Residential for Seniors

The ground floor will have the social areas of the building, such as functional areas for socializing and activities, meals, a living room, a dining room, and support sanitary facilities.

On the same floor there is the management area, technical and administrative services and the nursing services area, both next to the reception and main entrance.

On this floor there is also the service area, comprising a service entrance, the functional kitchen and laundry area, this area includes a kitchen with pantry and attached area, laundry and also a storage room and changing rooms, toilets and support room for the staff.

Upper Floor of the Residential for Seniors

On the upper floor will be the accommodation area, composed by the bedrooms, with 9 double rooms, 4 single rooms and 3 double rooms, all with sanitary facilities and respective support areas, which include a living room with pantry, a geriatric bath, an area for clothes and storage.

The circulation takes place through a central corridor, which will be flanked by support handrails and vertical distribution, composed of two circulation systems existing on the two tops of the building, each contains a staircase.

The double rooms will have access to an outdoor balcony that can be used by users as a space for leisure and rest.

The roof will be landscaped for thermal reasons, with a solar thermal system for water heating.

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